Government schemes give Australian innovators new opportunities

Industry Growth Centres Initiative and Accelerating Commercialisation – The Entrepreneurs Infrastructure Program
December 4, 2014/by HuxburyQuinn

Marketing words that boost engagement and conversions

... seven words that when used right can generate great results in marketing
April 4, 2014/by VernJ

Providing a product refund :: what to take into account

The key is to make your business easy, work efficiently and have happy customers.
March 4, 2014/by VernJ

Key issues small business face and how to get over them

Small businesses listed around 55 issues that hold them back from success, growth and happiness ...
February 10, 2014/by VernJ

Three steps to turn an idea into a start-up

In start-up land ... there is a community that wants to help…
November 26, 2013/by VernJ

The “horrendous’ birth story of multi-award winning wine deals site Vinomofo

the only guarantee of failure is quitting, so we didn’t!
November 24, 2013/by VernJ

Business is Booming and content is key … says eCommerce report.

Australians are increasingly buying online, with 93% of Australians accessing the Internet daily ...
November 14, 2013/by VernJ

Understanding Innovation and Invention

In practice it is sometimes difficult to recognise the difference between invention and innovation.
September 24, 2013/by VernJ

Celebrity Endorsement … Brand-building Shortcut ???

Start-ups should be wary of the celebrity endorsement brand-building shortcut: Branding expert

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September 14, 2013/by VernJ

Australian Trade Marks – register® and forget right? Wrong!

... a trade mark that is not being used may be vulnerable to removal.
Reproduced by kind permission of Fisher Adams Kelly
September 12, 2013/by VernJ

Commercial-scale 3D printing from Aussie Castings maker

BPM 3D a subsidiary of castings maker Keech Australia are to offer commercial-scale 3D printing
Reproduced with kind permission of Manufactures' Monthly
August 30, 2013/by VernJ

Square Peg Capital aims to fill funding voids for Start-Ups

Merged venture capital fund aims to fit square peg in series A and B funding hole

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August 12, 2013/by VernJ

Additive manufacturing: scanning, designing … to printing?

For all the hype surrounding 3D printing and what it could offer Australian businesses, there’s a fair bit of caution around investing ...This article reproduced with the kind permission of Manufactures' Monthly.
August 8, 2013/by VernJ

Tax breaks encourage local IP

Tax breaks needed to encourage IP to be developed locally: Cook Medical
July 24, 2013/by VernJ

Thinking small scale and low-tech is a little out of fashion …not!

How would you have handled this problem? The Value of a Simple…
July 2, 2013/by VernJ

Mexico gaining on China as a manufacturing base: BCG report

Mexico gaining on China as a manufacturing base: BCG report - from Manufactures'Monthly
June 28, 2013/by VernJ

3D printing in the Manufacturing Industry?

Interesting perspective on the industrial application of 3D printing
June 15, 2013/by VernJ

What defines an invention – a useful view from Canadian Patent Law

It is well established that a mere “scintilla of invention” is sufficient to support the validity of a patent.
December 12, 2012/by VernJ